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Shadow Brokers Flaw Used in Ransomware

Accepted submission by butthurt at 2017-05-13 05:16:14
The Los Angeles Times reports [] that a security bug in Microsoft Windows, made public when the Shadow Brokers [] released exploits claimed to have been taken from the NSA, is being used in ransomware []. According to the story, a patch for the bug was released by Microsoft in March.

The Spanish government said several companies, including Telefonica, were targeted [...] a message that was purportedly sent to workers at Telefonica carried a subject line referencing a wire transfer and asked them to check a website for more details. That link — when launched on a Windows computer suffering from the vulnerability discovered by the NSA — unleashed the program that rendered files inaccessible.

As recently as last week, about 1.7 million computers connected to the Internet were susceptible to such an attack [...]

Among the organisations compromised by the ransomware were the UK's National Health Service and Russia's Interior Ministry.

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