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Intel Announces 4 to 18-Core Skylake-X CPUs

Accepted submission by takyon at 2017-05-30 11:43:58

Recently, Intel was rumored to be releasing 10 and 12 core "Core i9" CPUs [] to compete with AMD's 10-16 core "Threadripper" CPUs. Now, Intel has confirmed these as well as 14, 16, and 18 core Skylake-X CPUs []. Every CPU with 6 or more cores appears to support quad-channel DDR4:


Intel Core Cores/Threads Price
i9-7980XE 18/36 $1,999
i9-7960X 16/32 $1,699
i9-7940X 14/28 $1,399
i9-7920X 12/24 $1,199
i9-7900X 10/20 $999
i7-7820X 8/16 $599
i7-7800X 6/12 $389
i7-7740X 4/8 $339
i7-7640X 4/4 $242


Last year at Computex, the flagship Broadwell-E enthusiast chip was launched []: the 10-core i7-6950X at $1,723. Today at Computex, the 10-core i9-7900X costs $999, and the 16-core i9-7960X costs $1,699. Clearly, AMD's Ryzen CPUs have forced Intel to become competitive.

Although the pricing of AMD's 10-16 core Threadripper CPUs is not known yet, the 8-core Ryzen R7 launched at $500 (available now for about $460). The Intel i7-7820X has 8 cores for $599, and will likely have better single-threaded performance than the AMD equivalent. So while Intel's CPUs are still more expensive than AMD's, they may have similar price/performance.

Welcome to the post-quad-core era []. Will you be getting any of these chips []?

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