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Are Assassination Markets Just a Revenge Fantasy?

Accepted submission by Anonymous Coward at 2017-06-18 21:41:51 from the i'd-buy-that-for-a-dollar dept.
Digital Liberty

After the last of the Dirty Harry films [], The Dead Pool [], was released in 1988, libertarians began to discuss the potential for crypto-currency prediction markets to become crowdfunded assassination markets []. Many schemes were proposed and many were unworkable. The main complication is an assassin using zero-knowledge proof [] to claim a bounty without implicating any other party. This arrangement ignores betting exchanges where anyone can lay or back bets and no-one on a given exchange may be involved in assassination. Discussion has been sparse regarding secondary markets for fake death followed by new identity.

Whether or not a dead pool is bloodless, ire has been most often directed at government officials and the actual use [] of lethal force []. When a BitCoin [] dead pool launched in 2013 [], Chairman of the [] United States [] Federal Reserve [], Ben Bernanke [], became subject of the biggest bounty. Perhaps it was obvious with hindsight that libertarian capitalists in possession of digital currency [] would focus on the person directly responsible for managing the world's largest, centralized, debt-based, nation-state, fiat currency.

Anyhow, given that a real assassination market has supposedly been running for four years, where are the high-profile deaths? Or disappearances? Is digital currency too complicated for soldiers of fortune? Too risky? Too ephemeral? Are the rewards too small? Will digital currency's increased value and [] flight to safety [] encourage libertarianism not previously seen? Or are people wimps?

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