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Moderation Point Issues Today (2017-06-28)

Accepted submission by martyb at 2017-06-29 00:19:55 from the you've got a point there dept.

NOTE TO EDS: Please also run in the "Meta" nexus.

We ran into a problem with the process which hands out moderation points each night.

We received a couple reports that people had no mod points. That seemed strange — we have a daemon that runs every night and that, among many other things, replenishes your supply each morning at 00:10 UTC. Apparently that process fell over and went toes up. Complicating matters, if you had mod points left over from the prior day, those were still available to you. A query of our DB showed that fully 80% of our users had the full complement of 5 mod points. I put out the call to the other devs as I tried to sleuth out what was going on. Hat tip to TheMightyBuzzard and paulej72 who quickly figured out what happened. Further, rather than wait for tonight's process to run, TheMightyBuzzard manually updated the DB and handed out mod points to everyone.

Debugging was complicated by the fact that there was another issue that was clogging up the logs which made it doubly hard to determine what happened. Debugging efforts are continuing on that matter.

We anticipate things should be back to normal tomorrow. We'll check in on this story first thing in the morning so if you run into any issues with this, please post a reply with details.

P.S. I remember in the early days of this site when more than 12 hours of continuous up-time was an accomplishment. It's a credit to the staff here that we are now at a state where a system issue is a rare event, rather than an everyday occurrence.

-- martyb

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