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Bahrain Tops 2017 Expat Survey as Best Country to Live and Work in

Accepted submission by takyon at 2017-09-06 20:15:07

The Kingdom of Bahrain [] has topped 2017's InterNations Expat Insider survey []:

The reputations of the U.S. and U.K. as good places to live and work are in free fall among some of the world's most mobile and cosmopolitan people. Since last year's presidential and Brexit votes, both the U.S. and Britain are perceived as less friendly to foreigners and less politically stable, according to a survey of almost 13,000 expatriates of 166 nationalities. Expats also say the two countries' quality of life is declining by other measures, especially the affordability of child care and health care in the U.S. and housing in the U.K.

[...] The top-ranked country in 2017 is Bahrain, given high marks by its expats as a place to work and raise a family and for making foreigners feel welcome. It vastly outranks Persian Gulf neighbors such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which ranked in the bottom 10 of the 65 countries in the survey.

Greece was at the very bottom of the list, weighed down by the country's economic problems. Australia, which ranked in the top 10 last year, dropped more than any other country, to 34th place. Expats' ratings of jobs, career prospects, work hours and work-life balance all dropped.

One of the expats' favorite places to work is China, where two-thirds of respondents are happy with their careers. But China ranks 55 out of 65 overall because of quality of life. Expats, especially those with children, are concerned about the severe pollution and the quality and cost of health care and education. Elsewhere in Asia, Taiwan, which topped last year's list, slipped to fourth place, while Singapore edged into the top 10. Hong Kong, Singapore's long-time rival, languished at 39th, up five places on last year.

InterNations survey results [].

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