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Project Blue Nearing Completion of Second Crowdfunding Attempt

Accepted submission by takyon at 2017-10-25 03:47:07


Project Blue [] aims to send a telescope with a coronagraph into low-Earth orbit to capture direct images of potentially habitable exoplanets orbiting Alpha Centauri [] A or B. Proxima Centauri [] is not a target due to the closeness of the red dwarf star and its habitable zone.

The BoldlyGo Institute [] has launched an Indiegogo campaign [] to raise $175,000 for initial planning and design. The project's first attempt [] at crowdfunding used Kickstarter [] to try and raise $1 million, but only $335,597 was raised. They are using flexible funding this time but have reached 70% of their goal with 12 days left [update this]. A donor has also pledged to match contributions dollar-for-dollar until the campaign reaches $175k.

BoldlyGo Institute has signed a Space Act Agreement [] with NASA that will allow NASA employees to assist the Project Blue team [] during its mission development phases, and also allows Project Blue to test their designs at NASA facilities. More such public-private partnerships [] should be expected in the coming years.

Also at Popular Mechanics [], [], and SpaceRef [].

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