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MERGE: Nvidia CEO Responds to Intel-AMD Chips and Raja Leaving AMD

Accepted submission by takyon at 2017-11-10 06:53:03

Nvidia CEO On Intel's GPU, AMD Partnership, And Raja Koduri []

Yeah, there's a lot of news out there....first of all, Raja leaving AMD is a great loss for AMD, and it's a recognition by Intel probably that the GPU is just incredibly important now. The modern GPU is not a graphics accelerator, we just left the letter "G" in there, but these processors are domain-specific parallel accelerators, and they are enormously complex, they are the most complex processors built by anybody on the planet today. And that's the reason why IBM uses our processors for the [world's] largest supercomputers, [and] that's the reason why every single cloud, every major server around the world has adopted Nvidia GPUs.

[...] Huang also pressed the point that investing in five different architectures dilutes focus and makes it impossible to support them forever, which has long-term implications for customers. Earlier in the call, Huang had pressed another key point:

"If you have four or five different architectures to support, that you offer to your customers, and they have to pick the one that works the best, you are essentially are saying that you don't know which one is the best [...] If there's five architectures, surely over time, 80% of them will be wrong. I think that our advantage is that we are singularly focused."

Huang didn't specifically name Intel in this statement, but Nvidia's focus on a single architecture stands in stark contrast to Intel's approach of offering five (coincidence?) different solutions, such as CPUs, Xeon Phi, FPGAs, ASICs, and now GPUs, for parallel workloads.

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