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List of 72 Ultra HD Blu-ray Keys Leaks

Accepted submission by takyon at 2017-12-12 02:18:01
Digital Liberty

A few months ago, a handful of Ultra HD Blu-ray discs protected by AACS 2.0 DRM were cracked. In October, Russian company Arusoft released a tool called DeUHD [] that was capable of decrypting dozens more titles. Now a list of 72 AACS 2.0 keys has been leaked [], covering titles not previously broken (fixed) by DeUHD:

The keys in question are confirmed to work and allow people to rip UHD Blu-ray discs of movies with freely available software such as MakeMKV. They are also different from the DeUHD list, so there are more people who know how to get them.

The full list of leaked keys includes movies such as Deadpool, Hancock, Passengers, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and The Martian. Some movies have multiple keys, likely as a result of different disc releases.

The leaked keys are also relevant for another reason. Ten years ago, a hacker leaked the AACS cryptographic key "09 F9" online which prompted the MPAA and AACS LA to issue DMCA takedown requests to sites where it surfaced.

This escalated into a censorship debate [] when Digg started removing articles that referenced the leak, triggering a massive backlash.

Thus fas the response to the AACS 2.0 leaks has been pretty tame, but it's still early days. A user who posted the leaked keys on MyCe [] has already removed them due to possible copyright problems, so it's definitely still a touchy subject.

Ultra HD Blu-ray [] stores H.265 video on optical discs with capacities of 50, 66, or 100 GB. The original Blu-ray [] discs stored H.264 video on 25 and 50 GB discs.

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