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‘Byton’ comes from 'bytes on wheels'

Accepted submission by at 2018-01-10 13:16:43 from the rolling-office-theater-bedroom dept.

It seems that yet another connected car concept is being announced at CES, the Autoextremist offers a reality check, []

...the fact remains that when CES keeps allowing blatant celebrations of vaporware to happen on a consistent basis, the credibility of the show is more than a little suspect. The latest evidence, or more specifically the latest outrage unleashed on the landscape? Byton, which is the brand name of Future Mobility Corporation of Nanjing, China. “The name ‘Byton’ comes from 'bytes on wheels' so it somehow reflects our idea to make a computer on four wheels.
The best part of this glorious charade? The company has raised $250 million so far. Yes, you read that correctly, $250 million. That's it. Do you know what $250 million will get you toward the development of a new car? A lot of nothin'.

For anyone that likes daydreaming, the Byton company vision statement can be found here, []

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