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Alt-Right Neo-Nazis Are Targeting the Women's March

Accepted submission by aristarchus at 2018-01-26 07:45:30 from the You-fight-like-a-girl dept. dept.

A couple days back, Newsweek [] reports:

Feminist activists on Sunday are planning to commemorate last year’s Women’s March, the response to the election of President Donald Trump that was widely regarded as the biggest demonstration in U.S. history.

As they do so, the so-called alt-right—an anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic movement that has struggled to recruit women—is aiming to co-opt this political moment with a series of stunts, including spreading propaganda and a counterdemonstration in Knoxville, Tennessee. This targeting of a feminist event is part of an ongoing pattern of misogynistic behavior in the movement, according to activists and a rights group that spoke to Newsweek.


Trolls from 4chan, an imageboard website that is popular with the alt-right, are planning to post signs at women’s studies departments on college campuses Sunday with the hashtag #mybordermychoice, a deliberate perversion of the abortion-rights slogan “my body my choice,” according to a series of posts on the site and research conducted by antifascist activists.

Trolls from 4chan? Bottom of the barrel, evidently the alt-right can not even get human or orc support. What is next, a Balrog?

Matthew Heimbach seem to figure large in the matters, both literally, figuratively.

Heimbach replied to that notion by saying legal abortion and illegal immigration were victimizing the unborn and women, and that “women have had their femininity put under attack by a culture that treats them as either sex objects or as mere economic cogs in the capitalist system.” Heimbach is a critic of the capitalist system while also being a critic of socialism, and views a “national socialism” system that includes only white non-Jews as an alternative to both. He said the policies of his group were structured to “empower women to their God given honorable place as true equals to men in society through their unique role as mothers and wives.” To be clear, he is an ardent critic of contemporary feminism.

Message received, very clear. Thank god I am not a (*&^*$%$!

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