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Guest column: Control - alt right - delete

Accepted submission by aristarchus at 2018-02-08 23:50:59 from the Where-is-Waldo-county? dept. dept.

Small town Republican thoughts on refuting the alt-right. In The Republican Journal []:

I want to make one thing very clear: The Waldo County Republican Committee absolutely, unequivocally condemns Nazi and KKK ideologies and actions, as well as any other kind of bigotry, and we encourage all of our voters and the community at large to do the same.

For fellow Republicans out there, worry not, we don't like Antifa's ideology and actions either, but we need to clean our own house; we need to worry about our own responsibilities.

Such honesty, and clarity of thought!

The most dangerous part of politics today is identity politics, trolling, pathos and a severe lack of critical thinking. You cannot defeat the insidious hatred of bigoted politics with more hate. By doing so, you morph the conversation away from policy and ideology to silly label syntax, eventually devolving completely into back and forth verbal gymnastics. Make no mistake, these trolls are ready for you as you stoop to their level, and they beat you up with mountains of experience.

So what do we do? Very simple. Stay neighborly by controlling your reaction. Seek out those with whom you disagree, try to understand them first, and politely offer your counter argument.

And it looks like the Republicans in Maine, if not in Illinois, are rejecting the alt-right.

The way to defeat Mr. Kawczynski is not by attacking him, but by attacking his ideas. Here are some flaws in his thinking: His immigration ideas are antithetical to the Maine Republican party platform, a section of which states, “We support the assimilation of legal immigrants into Maine society.”

Kawczynski's ideas stand in contrast to Maine history and culture; in fact, it is white folks with racist ideologies who pose the greatest threat to Maine's foundation, not other races of people.

Another brilliant tidbit:

Ultimately, all you have to do is walk outside with your eyes open in this state to see that Kawczynski's fearmongering about "white genocide" is completely laughable.

One of the theories of the origin of the “alt right” is that it was born out of a channel called “incel.” Incel, meaning involuntary celibacy, is a group of men angered by their perception that modern feminism deprived them of love in their life. Learning this reminds me rather eerily of Wilhelm Reich's theory of how men with loveless lives made for dangerous men gaining power that ultimately lead to the Nazi movement of Germany.

Entire guest column is well worth a read.

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