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Google Opens Up VR180 to Developers

Accepted submission by takyon at 2018-04-10 16:05:20

Google has published code and details [] for VR180, a video/photo format intended for simpler devices to capture or display content for virtual reality:

For Google's VR180 to become successful, manufacturers and developers have to be onboard, creating devices and churning out videos and apps that use the format. That's why the tech giant is now opening it up [] to hardware-makers and devs by publishing the remaining details on how they can start engaging with the format and offer VR180 products. When Google-owned platform YouTube introduced [] VR180 last year, it introduced the format as a way for creators to shoot immersive photos and videos for VR headsets that still have a normal perspective when viewed on a phone or PC.

From Google's blog:

Today, we're publishing the remaining details about creating VR180 videos on github [] and photos on the Google Developer website [], so any developer or manufacturer can start engaging with VR180.

For VR180 video, we simply extended the Spherical Video Metadata V2 [] standard. Spherical V2 supports the mesh-based projection needed to allow consumer cameras to output raw fisheye footage. We then created the Camera Motion Metadata Track [] so that you're able to stabilize the video according to the camera motion after video capture. This results in a more comfortable VR experience for viewers. The photos that are generated by the cameras are written in the existing VR Photo Format [] pioneered by Cardboard Camera.

The Lenovo Mirage VR180 camera is set to launch on May 4 [] for $300. The Yi Horizon VR180 [] is set to launch sometime in the summer for $400.

Good news for the stereoscopic 3D imaging enthusiasts out there.

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