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Facebook deletes Richard Spencer’s accounts in hate speech crackdown

Accepted submission by aristarchus at 2018-04-14 00:24:04 from the Smells-like-censorship-or-teen-spirit dept. dept.
Digital Liberty

On the Daily Dot [],

The Facebook pages of Richard Spencer, the alt-right leader who was famously punched in the face last year, have been suspended.

The pages for the National Policy Institute, a lobbying group of sorts for white nationalists, and Spencer’s online magazine “,” vanished on Friday after Vice sent the social network an inquiry about hate groups. They had a combined following of almost 15,000 followers.

The action was taken just days after Mark Zuckerberg emphasized during his testimony before Congress that Facebook does not allow hate speech. But it wasn’t until Vice flagged the accounts that Facebook suspended them. The social network said in a statement that it identifies violating pages using human monitors, algorithms, and partnerships with organizations.

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