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CubeSats En Route to Mars with InSight Snap Another "Pale Blue Dot" Image

Accepted submission by takyon at 2018-05-15 22:54:45

First CubeSats to travel the solar system snap 'Pale Blue Dot' homage []

The Insight launch [] earlier this month had a couple stowaways: a pair of tiny CubeSats that are already the farthest such tiny satellites have ever been from Earth by a long shot. And one of them got a chance to snap a picture of their home planet as an homage to the Voyager mission's famous "Pale Blue Dot." [] It's hardly as amazing a shot as the original but it's still cool.

The CubeSats, named MarCO-A and B, are an experiment to test the suitability of pint-size craft for exploration of the solar system; previously they have only ever been deployed into orbit.

That changed on May 5, when the Insight mission took off, with the MarCO twins detaching on a similar trajectory to the geology-focused Mars lander. It wasn't long before they went farther than any CubeSat has gone before.

Pale Blue Dot [].

Also at Business Insider [].

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