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250,000 "Stop Trump" Protesters in London

Accepted submission by -- OriginalOwner_ at 2018-07-13 22:40:43 from the do-not-want dept.

Common Dreams reports []

Hundreds of thousands of anti-Trump demonstrators took to the streets of London and in separate protests across the U.K. on Friday [July 13] in a massive and historic show of opposition to a sitting U.S. president.

After Donald Trump was greeted [] with angry protesters as he arrived in London on Thursday to meet with U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, a 20-foot-tall Trump baby blimp [] took flight [] over the city early on Friday as the massive "Carnival of Resistance" protests--which are slated [][1] to last through the weekend--kicked off.

250,000 people are protesting #TogetherAgainstTrump [] in central London right now! #resist [] #carnivalofresistance []

[...]Several of the events have been organized by the Stop Trump Coalition, which played a key role in Trump's previous canceled trips [] and [who] warns [] that "Trumpism directly threatens steps towards tackling" several issues including inequality, peace and disarmament, climate change, fighting discrimination--"particularly against already marginalized groups like migrants and Muslims"--and corporate greed. The Trump administration's family separation policy [] has further fueled widespread outrage and opposition to his visit.

[1] I'm not crazy about their page construction, but WOW! are they ever organized otherwise.

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