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The MalwareTech (Marcus Hutchins) Case Resets to Zero

Accepted submission by canopic jug at 2018-07-30 03:23:31 from the windows-TCO dept.

Independent journalist Marcy Wheeler has written a summary of the current state of the case against Marcus Hutchins []. Marcus is also known online as MalwareTech and came into the spotlight last year for stopping another global outbreak of more M$ Windows malware.

In short, she covers the following five points about the case:

  • Motion for a Bill of Particulars with respect to CFAA charges [...]
  • Challenge to Seventh Count (CFAA) [...]
  • Motion to dismiss the whole damn indictment [...]
  • Motion to dismiss wiretapping because Congress never intended to charge foreigners with wiretapping and none of the rest of this happened in the United States [...]
  • Motion to compel the identity of Randy [...]

Marcus was arrested last year after attending a security conference inside the US.

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