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The Soylentils Award for Best Science Fiction book

Accepted submission by jelizondo at 2018-08-23 18:07:28 from the Reviews dept.

In Science Fiction, some awards have become almost meaningless as they came to be dominated by interests other than the pure enjoyment of a truly good story. The Hugo Awards, for example, have descended into a left/right catfight [] They have become as meaningless as a Nobel Peace Prize.

Some, like yours truly, have entirely stopped reading about awards after getting burned once too many times and rely almost entirely on word of mouth or serendipity to find new authors and worthwhile books.

Our recent discussion of “The winners of the 2018 Hugo Awards” [] brought the idea (from bzipitidoo []) that perhaps Soylent News could do a better job of pointing out new works of Science Fiction that could of interest to soylentils and janrinok [] supported the idea, going so far as offering a kidney to the best author. (I think he’s British, so he might have meant a kidney pie. [Not true, but funny])

Mind you, we would need to separate Science Fiction from Sci-Fi, Fantasy and other genres that have been mishmashed into one by most publishers and awards organizations.

So what do you think? What is the best new author/book in Science Fiction?

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