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A 69-year-old Man Asks to Be Declared 49 Claiming Age Is as Fluid as Gender

Accepted submission by Phoenix666 at 2018-11-08 15:34:04

Washington Post []:

In the quixotic battle against old age, some people use skin care and spin class.

That’s not enough for Emile Ratelband, a 69-year-old who feels like he’s in his 40s. The Dutch pensioner is asking a court in his hometown of Arnhem, southeast of Amsterdam, to change his birth certificate so that it says he took his first breath on March 11, 1969, rather than on March 11, 1949. The judges heard his case Monday and promised they would render a verdict in the next several weeks.

Ratelband sees his request as no different from a petition to change his name or the gender he was assigned at birth — and isn’t bothered that this comparison might offend transgender people, whose medical needs have been recognized [] by the American Medical Association. It comes down to free will, he maintains.

I want to be recognized as an alien trapped in an Earthling's body.

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