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Daigou shoppers stripping shelves in Brisbane (update)

Accepted submission by Anonymous Coward at 2018-12-29 10:05:26 from the Gota buy em and sell em all dept.

(The daigou saga in Australia cont. page 2)
Ever think of robbing a store but stopped thinking "what if I'm seen?". Cameras are everywhere. Just about everyone has one in their pocket. Powered up, hours of free space, a phone unlock and camera app start away from filming. Youtube has made sharing videos for free easy. Anyone can do it. Now they are. When over 30 daigou recently went on a baby formula buying rampage in Brisbane [] Shane Conroy captured the raid on video to post to Facebook. The footage has since been viewed half a million times with thousands of shares. The situation with foreign shoppers stripping shelves is only getting worse. The public is now stepping up to record these incidents to post them online to publically name and shame these people as laws and rules are ineffective.

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