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Fri 11 Jan 2019: 8th Edition of Future History Videos

Accepted submission by cafebabe at 2019-01-05 23:26:08

Many Soylentils may think that futurology in video format is pointless. However, a small cadre of futurologists have enthusiastically assembled predictions as clips and/or slideshows; often with futuristic music. My introduction to this minor artform was HayenMill []'s predictions about to 2010s [], 2020s [] and 2030s []. deanmullen10 [] has been making predictions in this format for seven years. The early ones are low resolution crud but the 7th iteration has a particular funky music mix and covers decades from 2010s [] to the 2090s [] then more sparsely to the 24th century and one further set of distant predictions.

The 8th iteration of predictions is due to be uploaded on Fri 11 Jan 2019 []. I'm looking forward to this because I find the format inspiring and uplifting. The demoscene [], house style music [] also quite good when programming. The 6th edition's predictions for the 2050s has a representative selection of the music [] although many find that to be sonic noise.

Other scenarios from deanmullen10 [] include the sudden collapse of a large Silicon Valley company due to loss of goodwill [], alien invasion [] and some amusingly inaccurate predictions in the same format (with some suitably retro-futuristic music), expolated from the 1980s []. In the 1980s, the BBC was a comedy goldmine for inaccurate predictions; mostly through broadcasts about technology []. This included waiters using touch screens []. Further back, car navigation using a tachometer and an audio cassette [], the bedside teletype [] and the cashless society []. Although, a particular favorite is cutting trees with lasers []. It also featured 3D audio []. (Whatever happened to that? [])

In the season of New Year's Resolutions [], it is the season to look back at looking forward []. The four day working week [] has been predicted since at least the 1930s and legal cannabis cultivation throughout the US [] has been predicted since at least the 1960s. However, self-driving cars, flying cars [], home robots and fusion power remain Real Soon Now.

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