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Redox OS Exploring Coreboot Payload

Accepted submission by Apparition at 2019-02-24 22:57:25

Redox OS [] (the Unix-like microkernel OS written in Rust) is working on a native Coreboot payload [] along with bug fixes and a new release.

Lead Redox OS developer Jeremy Soller tweeted [] that "it's time for Redox OS to become a Coreboot payload." It looks like Redox OS is working on native Coreboot payload support for this interesting Rust operating system rather than first needing to use one of the bootloaders as a Coreboot payload before hitting Redox OS.

[...] The Redox OS twitter also went on to outline they are working on fixes to their networking stack, fixes to curl / cargo / git, advancing towards the state of being able to self-host itself (build Redox OS on Redox OS), improving the relibc C library implementation, porting more applications to running on Redox OS, and at that point to also prepare a new release. And, yes, exploring Coreboot payload capabilities.

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