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Redox OS 0.5 Released

Accepted submission by Apparition at 2019-03-26 03:19:28

Version 0.5 of Redox OS was released yesterday [], which includes a new C library written in Rust and images based on new bootloaders for both coreboot and EFI.

It's taken a while since the previous release of Redox OS as they have been focusing their attention on Relibc, a C library implementation written within the Rust programming language. Relibc is now used as the operating system's default C library.

Redox OS 0.5 also includes improvements to its event system, Pthreads support was completed, better support for LLVM and LLVM-using projects like Mesa/LLVMpipe, improvements to EFI, and more.

Some new Rust-written packages for Redox OS include OpenGL wrappers, an audio library, and other additions. Outside of the Rust scope, Redox OS 0.5 adds in SDL2 packages, Cairo, FFmpeg, and many other important software options.

You can find the Redox OS 0.5 release notes here [], and can find the 0.5.0 images here [].

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