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Steam battles Off-topic reviews - Flaming old games, because of Borderlands 3 exclusive deal

Accepted submission by Freeman at 2019-04-08 18:04:09 from the exclusively anti consumer dept.

Off-topic review bombs, are something I've really noticed taking place on Steam over the last year. Steam is working on ways to counteract the off-topic reviews, while also trying to let people's opinions be heard. It seems to be working somewhat, but it's far from perfect. Off-topic review bombing isn't helpful in the slightest, when trying to decide whether the current product is any good. Yet, how else should a consumer let others know that a company is going off the rails?

Personally, I would love an option to also rate the developers/corporations behind games as well. Perhaps a second rating for a game is needed? One rating for the game, and one rating for the publisher. []

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