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What other smart city projects can learn from Taipei

Accepted submission by James Orme at 2019-05-13 09:12:58

While technology is at the centre of smart city projects, Dr Chen-Yu Lee, director of the PMO cautions [] that smart city projects should not be distracted by technology, but instead primarily focus on how services can be improved.

Taipei has been recognised for improving many of its public services, including education and sustainability. As part of a project to modernise services in the New Taipei City Library, a 24-hour self-checkout system and e-book display was installed, which displays various publications and provides advisory services.

Despite international recognition, Dr Lee said Taipei is not comparing itself to other cities, although he recognised the city has its own way of doing things. Dr Lee credits its ‘Change Culture’ concept for enabling the project to churn out such a high volume of initiatives.

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