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Google self censoring Australian searches hiding torrent sites

Accepted submission by Chocolate at 2019-05-14 13:43:00 from the Censorship is for the weak dept.
Digital Liberty

Give us torrents or give us freedom! cried absolutely noone in Australia after Google decided to start filtering out torrent site results from search queries submitted from Australian locations []. With the search giant of the internet on their side local content owners will no longer need to jump through hoops and costs to petition for sites to be occluded based on a purely voluntary agreement between ISPs and and content owners. The Australian Federal Government introduced laws in 2015 for blocking sites deemed to be breaching copyrights, following up in 2018 with 65 sites and over 378 domains blocked. This way of dealing with the issue has been roundly criticized for years by interested parties. In response to this recent agreement a spokesperson said “Google supports effective industry-led measures to fight piracy,” while local content representative Graham Burke has said that "Google is leading people to the back door" “shamelessly facilitating crime by leading people to pirate sites” while everyday Australians follow the advice of a former Communications Minister and just use a VPN making the filtering by Google moot.

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