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The Net Mourns the 30th Anniversary of May 35th

Accepted submission by Anonymous Coward at 2019-06-02 05:21:04 from the 捌玖陆肆 dept.
Digital Liberty

Thirty years ago, from April 15 to June 4, 1989 [], the world was gripped by coverage of some of the largest protests in modern Chinese history. As many as a million people occupied the central Tiananmen Square in Beijing in protest against inflation, government corruption, and restrictions on freedom of speech and political participation. There are no official reports on the actual number of dead, though they are estimated to be in the thousands.

In the time that has passed, the uncensorable Usenet is no longer widely used and rarely even available. Mainland Chinese censors have come down hard and heavy on the rest of Net and, later, the Web since then in an ongoing attempt to rewrite a false history. Sometimes this censorship even has the help of the social control media giants who know which side their bread is buttered on.

In commemoration of those events and in particular the massacre culminating the events thirty years ago, here is a partial news round up:

The New York Times: Twitter Takes Down Accounts of China Dissidents Ahead of Tiananmen Anniversary []
TechCrunch: Twitter takes down ‘a large number’ of Chinese-language accounts ahead of Tiananmen Square anniversary []
Reuters: Online encyclopedia Wikipedia blocked in China ahead of Tiananmen anniversary []
The South China Morning Post: Wikipedia blocked in China ahead of Tiananmen Square anniversary []
CNN: 30 years after Tiananmen massacre, Taiwan shows another way for China []
The Straights Times: 'Tank man' video for Leica sparks outcry in China ahead of Tiananmen anniversary []
CNN: The story behind the iconic ‘Tank Man’ photo []
New York Times: Photos of the Tiananmen Square Protests Through the Lens of a Student Witness []
Reuters: China's robot censors crank up as Tiananmen anniversary nears []
Artnet: Chinese Authorities Have Detained an Activist Filmmaker for Posting a Picture Referencing the Tiananmen Square Massacre []
The Epoch Times: In Memory of the Tiananmen Square Massacre []
The Epoch Times: Photographer Releases Never-Before-Seen Tiananmen Protest Photos []
The Daily Beast: Tiananmen Square: Why China’s Leaders Want to Erase ‘May 35’ []
Business Insider: China's internet censors are on high alert ahead of the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests []
CNN: Inflatable 'Tank Man' appears in Taiwan ahead of Tiananmen Square crackdown anniversary []
University World News: Tiananmen Square a topic that still can’t be studied []
The South China Morning Post: 30 years on from Tiananmen Square crackdown, why Beijing still thinks it got it right []
Hong Kong Free Press: The Tiananmen Massacre, 30 years on: The troubled history of the Goddess of Democracy []
Quartz: Tiananmen Square photos China never wanted the world to see, 30 years later []
The Ottawa Citizen: Glavin: Tiananmen Square – China's 30 years of denial and suppression []

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