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Italy loses government, coalition of right-wing, anti-establishment parties collapses

Accepted submission by aristarchus at 2019-08-21 10:00:15 from the That's Amore! dept.

Seems like just a few months ago, in Milan, the Right Wing (not actually Fascist in a Moussolini way) was taking over the Italian government. Now, according to BNN, Baltic News Network (not Italian) [], the fan has been hit by something.

Italy has lost its government with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announcing resignation after the right-wing League party pushed for no-confidence motion to its own government.

Quatari broadcaster Aljazeera reports [] that the development on Tuesday, August 20, leaves Italy in a political vacuum until President Sergio Mattarella decides whether to form a new coalition or call an election. He would hold talks with parties this week.

The crisis began on August 8 when Matteo Salvini, the head of the League party, declared his alliance with the anti-establishment Five-Star Movement was dead and called for elections.

It is irresponsible to initiate a government crisis … [Salvini] has shown that he is following his own interests and those of his party

Conte, who does not belong to either of the coalition parties, said in a Senate speech about Salvini, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister.

This autumn, Italy must produce a budget to avoid rising tension with the European Union over Rome’s management of its large debt burden.

First, they come for Greece. Then they come for Italia. And finally, the come for Denmark, and threaten to buy Greenland.

[See, Kircher! No editorializing! Just the facts! A quite Fairy Balens Submission, I t'would venticulate to say.]

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