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HildaCrypt Ransomware Developer Releases Decryption Keys

Accepted submission by upstart at 2019-10-07 16:12:00

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Well this is different.

HildaCrypt Ransomware Developer Releases Decryption Keys []

The developer behind the HildaCrypt Ransomware has decided to release the ransomware's private decryption keys. With these keys a decryptor can be made that would allow any potential victims to recover their files for free.

When a new ransomware or a variant is discovered, it is very common for researchers to post about them on Twitter.  This week, researcher GrujaRS discovered a new ransomware variant and identified it as a STOP variant [].

Last night, the developer contacted the researcher to tell him that it was an incorrect identification and that it was actually a variant of the HildaCrypt Ransomware.

As part of this communication, the developer decided to also release the master private decryption keys for the ransomware.

With these keys a decryptor can be made that allows a victim to get their files back for free.

HildaCrypt Ransomware Decryption Keys

After giving the keys to Michael Gillespie, he confirmed they were legitimate released a decryptor [] using them.

For those who wish to view the keys or create a decryptor based on them, they can be accessed here [].

HildaCrypt was created for fun

BleepingComputer had a conversation with the ransomware developer last night and was told that HildaCrypt was only made for fun and "it was mainly an educational thing really".

They further told us "hildacrypt never was used on anyone" and that they released the keys in case "some kid gets a hold of these binaries I hope the keys would be of some use".

After further discussion, the developer intimated that they were probably going to stop development of the ransomware and instead focus on getting involved in more legitimate efforts of the cybersecurity community.

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