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Vaping Illnesses Associated With Vitamin E Acetate

Accepted submission by Booga1 at 2019-11-08 20:51:07 from the Suck it up buttercup dept.

The Wasington Post has a report on the FDA investigation [] into illnesses and lung damage caused by vaping.

State and federal health officials investigating mysterious lung illnesses linked to vaping have found the same chemical in samples of marijuana products used by people sickened in different parts of the country [] and who used different brands of products in recent weeks.
That same chemical was also found in nearly all cannabis samples from patients who fell ill in New York in recent weeks, a state health department spokeswoman said. While this is the first common element found in samples from across the country, health officials said it is too early to know whether this is causing the injuries.
State and federal health authorities have said they are focusing on the role of contaminants or counterfeit substances as a likely cause of vaping-related lung illnesses []. Many patients have told officials and clinicians that they bought cannabis products off the street.

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