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Pensacola, Florida Hit by Cyber Attack, City Services Impacted

Accepted submission by Fnord666 at 2019-12-10 18:22:11

Pensacola, Florida Hit by Cyber Attack, City Services Impacted []

The city of Pensacola is struggling to recover from a cyber attack that hit its computer network over the weekend. Some services are still affected but no critical ones.

Few details are available but the attack prompted the city to disconnect much of its network until a solution for the problem was found.

The incident became known around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday and city employees in the IT department have been working to restore the network.

It is unclear what type of cyber incident is causing the issues or how many computers it affected but the online payment systems at Pensacola Energy and for city sanitation are among them.

Due to the nature of the information available on these systems, investigators are now trying to determine if data was exposed.

Computer-based communication, including email, is also down but 911 and other emergency services (police and fire departments) remained unaffected and online permitting is available.

Some phones have been impacted; the 311 customer service is able to receive calls but responding to requests may not be immediately possible, reads a statement from the City of Pensacola.

"We severed things immediately as soon as we found out we were having this problem," said Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson in a press conference today, reports the Pensacola News Journal.

Most of the systems currently offline are so because the IT department took the decision as a preventive measure, said Pensacola spokeswoman Kaycee Lagarde.

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