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FBI learned of coronavirus-inspired bomb plotter through radicalized US Army soldier

Accepted submission by aristarchus at 2020-03-27 04:52:13 from the Soldiers who betray dept.

Now this is interesting, in an Oklahoma City bomber Timmy McVeigh sort of way.
Info from ABC News []:

The suspected white supremacist who plotted to bomb a hospital facing the coronavirus crisis was in touch with a then-active U.S. Army soldier who wanted to launch his own attack on a major American news network and discussed targeting a Democratic presidential candidate, according to an FBI alert summarizing the case.

On Tuesday, as 36-year-old Timothy Wilson was on the verge of trying to detonate a car bomb at a Kansas City-area medical center, agents from the FBI’s field office in Missouri attempted to arrest him. But shots were fired, fatally wounding Wilson, according to the FBI.

What sort of twisted right-wing nut-job would bomb a hospital? Of course, Timothy McVeigh bombed a daycare, full of children, like a proper US soldier protected from the ICC by Mike (Now Warcriminal) Pompeo.

Ahead of Tuesday’s incident, Wilson “espoused white supremacist ideology” and “made a threat that if any agent attempted to [search his property] they should ‘bring a lot of body bags,” said the FBI alert, distributed to state and local law enforcement agencies in the region on Wednesday.

Well, sad they had to kill the fucker, but you go alt-right, and your life expectancy goes much down. Especially if you threaten cops, or go all Runaway, "they can take my vibrator out of my cold dead hands!" But that is not what this news report is about.

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