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Labtests using antihistamines to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 to start at Helsinki University

Accepted submission by at 2020-03-27 17:04:02

Lead researcher Marja Jäättelä and her team from Danish Cancer Society Research Center (DCRC) have sent 12 samples of antihistamines shown to improve cancer treatment to Olli Vapalahti [] of Helsinki University who has set up a COVID-19 test lab.[1]

If they prove to be helpful in treating COVID-19 it would provide a much safer alternative to chloroquine and hydrochloroquine treatments, which seems to have a positive effect especially in combination with antibacterial azithromycin [], but aren't as safe as antihistamines.

The specific allergy drugs who has a positive effect in cancer treatment is Loratadine [] where results show 24% lower chance of death and Ebastine [] showing 14% lower chance of death.[2]

It would definitely be a lot safer if crazy people start gobbling allergy pills instead of ingesting aquarium accessories [].

[1]: [] (danish)
[2]: [] (danish)

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