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Life is Too Imprtant to Take Things Seriously -- 40 Coronavirus Jokes

Accepted submission by martyb at 2020-03-30 01:42:51

40 Of The Funniest Coronavirus Jokes To Lift Up Your Spirits During Self-Isolation []:

The threat of coronavirus is weighing on every one of us. But no matter how hard it gets, there’s always a cold weapon known as a sense of humor. And some people aren’t missing a chance to spice up the hard times with killer jokes, viral memes, and deadly funny quips. All puns intended, of course.

Let’s take a look at these hand-picked comical gems compiled by Bored Panda, and after you’re done, parts one and two are waiting here [] and here []. Don’t forget to upvote your favorites and share them with your friends. But remember to stay alone when laughing together!

Some of these are absolutely hilarious! (My faves are: 3, 7, 9, 11, 19, 22, 26, and 30. I haven't got to the two other pages yet!)

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