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FCC helps Charter avoid broadband competition

Accepted submission by Freeman at 2020-06-29 18:48:39 from the business as usual dept.
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The Federal Communications Commission is helping Charter avoid broadband competition in New York State with a decision that will block government funding for other ISPs in locations where Charter is required to build.

The FCC plans to award ISPs up to $16 billion over 10 years from the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) in a reverse auction scheduled to begin in October []. The FCC said in an announcement yesterday [] that it "granted Charter Communications' waiver request to exclude 2,127 census blocks in New York from the eligible areas list because the company will deploy broadband in those locations pursuant to a settlement reached with the State of New York."

Separately, the FCC denied a Frontier Communications request to exclude nearly 17,000 census blocks in parts of 29 states from the auction.

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