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Firefox 83 Released; Mozilla Kicks Rusty "Servo" Web Engine to the Linux Foundation

Accepted submission by takyon at 2020-11-18 03:16:34

Firefox 83 Released With Warp'ed JavaScript, HTTPS-Only Mode Option []

Most notable with Firefox 83 is the SpiderMonkey "Warp" upgrade [] aiming to deliver better website responsiveness and other real-world JavaScript performance improvements. Mozilla describes the Warp benefits as "improved page load performance by up to 15%, page responsiveness by up to 12%, and reduced memory usage by up to 8%. We have replaced part of the JavaScript engine that helps to compile and display websites for you, improving security and maintainability of the engine at the same time."

Firefox 83 also ships with an option for an HTTPS-only mode whereby every Firefox connection aims to be secure and will warn the user should HTTPS not be supported.

Mozilla Punts Servo Web Engine Development To The Linux Foundation []

Ever since the mass layoffs at Mozilla [] earlier this year and some Mozilla projects in jeopardy [] many have been wondering: what about Servo? Well, today it's heading off to the Linux Foundation.

Mozilla and the Linux Foundation are jointly announcing this morning that the Servo web engine development will now be hosted by the Linux Foundation.

The Rust-written code-base that's served as a long in development "next-gen" web engine at Mozilla will now be developed under the Linux Foundation umbrella. Besides Mozilla, this move has the support of other industry stakeholders like Samsung and Let's Encrypt.

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