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Facebook Adds Two of Its Own to Biden's Transition Team

Accepted submission by canopic jug at 2021-01-07 07:59:37 from the fox-guarding-the-henhouse dept.

After having created chaos for years, Facebook has gotten two of it's own onto president-elect Joe Biden's transition team []. Austin Lin and David Recordon will oversee the White House’s Office of Management and Administration's ICT as deputy directory of technology and director of technology respectively. Both have been guilty of stints early on at Facebook.

The Office of Management and Administration is typically an internal, behind-the-scenes White House office that oversees operations, and the tech functions within it tend to serve the needs of the Executive Office of the President. But it appears the incoming Biden administration may expand Recordon and Lin’s roles to be more governmentwide than in previous administrations.

“The technology leaders will play an important role in restoring faith across the federal government by encouraging collaboration to further secure American cyber interests,” says a release from the Biden-Harris transition.

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