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Justice Clarence Thomas Suggests US Should Regulate Twitter and Facebook

Accepted submission by upstart at 2021-04-06 14:38:41

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Justice Clarence Thomas suggests US should regulate Twitter and Facebook []:

Justice Clarence Thomas suggests US should regulate Facebook, Google and Twitter

The provocative and controversial opinion comes as Twitter banned former President Donald Trump from its platform for violating its rules on incitement of violence and some conservatives have called on more regulations in the tech world to combat what they view as political bias on social media.

"If part of the problem is private, concentrated control over online content and platforms available to the public, then part of the solution may be found in doctrines that limit the right of a private company to exclude, " Thomas wrote in a 12-page concurring opinion [] Monday.

Thomas's stance will raise concerns from critics who point out that social media platforms have not historically been subject to such content regulation, but instead have been left to devise their policies on their own.

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