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I've Been Sick From COVID-19 for Almost a Year. Here's What My Life Has Been Like.

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I've Been Sick From COVID-19 For Almost A Year. Here's What My Life Has Been Like. []:

In May, my pulmonologist, months ahead of the curve, identified me as among the “walking wounded” who would have long-lasting symptoms. He referred me to Dr. Noah Greenspan and physical therapist Marion Mackles of the Pulmonary Wellness Foundation [] in New York for online pulmonary rehabilitation. For nearly a year, they have devoted themselves fully to working with long haulers, listening carefully to our stories, consulting with other specialists, and developing individualized rehab protocols that respect the heterogeneity of symptoms within the long COVID population. In astonishing and early recognition of our needs, they revamped their entire practice: redesigning a boot camp originally created primarily for elderly people with cardiopulmonary disease, leading weekly support groups, and holding webinars with multidisciplinary experts, all online and free of charge.

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