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Microsoft Teams Calls are Getting End-to-end Encryption in July

Accepted submission by upstart at 2021-06-03 21:53:02

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Microsoft Teams calls are getting end-to-end encryption in July []:

Microsoft Teams is getting better security and privacy next month with the addition of end-to-end encrypted 1:1 voice calls.

While Microsoft Teams already encrypts data at rest and in transit, it allows administrators to configure automatic recording and transcription of voice calls.

Due to this, Microsoft Teams calls are not suitable for sharing very sensitive information that should remain private between two individuals.

Starting in July, Microsoft Teams is getting end-to-end encryption for 1:1 VoIP calls so that their discussions remain entirely private.

"Teams will support an option to use end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for ad hoc 1:1 Teams VoIP calls, providing an additional option for conducting sensitive online conversations," Microsoft revealed today in the Microsoft 365 roadmap [].

Microsoft says that they will allow Microsoft Teams administrators to configure who has access to this feature to support their particular organization's security and compliance policies.

As reported [] by MSPoweruser, this feature can be enabled by Microsoft Teams administrators for specific users or the entire organization. Users can then enable end-to-end encryption by enabling the 'End-to-end encrypted calls' setting under Settings Privacy.

Microsoft Teams End-to-end encrypted calls setting
Source: MSPoweruser

When end-to-end encryption is enabled, certain Microsoft Teams features will no longer be available, such as recording and transcription.

This feature will be a welcome addition as it allows the sharing of sensitive information, such as passwords, bank accounts, or other confidential information, without fear that they will be stored in recordings.

In October 2020, Zoom began supporting [] end-to-end encryption for meetings with up to 200 participants for both free and paid users.

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