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Technician for water co. linked to liver failure says his dog got liver illness

Accepted submission by Freeman at 2021-05-03 19:44:31 from the snake oil dept.
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The lead water technician for Real Water—a Las Vegas-based company that produces “alkalized” bottled water now linked to liver failure cases—testified that he had no relevant experience to be a water technician when he was promoted to the position last August.

Real Water’s lead technician, Casey Aiken, 40, is a former vacuum and timeshare salesman who began working for Real Water last June after losing his job as a strip club promoter. According to a taped deposition from late March that was obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal [], Aiken was promoted from his job of loading bottled water onto shipping pallets to the company’s lead technician after “a couple hours” of training.

FDA Slams "Real Water" Linked to Liver Failure; Water Plant Manager MIA []

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