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Micron Sells 3D XPoint Lab to Texas Instruments, Not Intel

Accepted submission by takyon at 2021-07-01 20:26:34

Micron Sells Lehi 3D XPoint Fab to Texas Instruments for $900M []

Back in March of this year, Micron announced that it would be getting out of the 3D XPoint business entirely, abandoning the technology and putting its sole 3D XPoint fab up for sale. Now a short few months later, Micron has secured a buyer for the fab – and it's not Intel. Rather it will be Texas Instruments who picks up the fab, buying it off of Micron for $900 million with plans to convert it over to analog and embedded processors.

The sale of the Lehi fab is the latest and final chapter in Micron's years-long efforts to unwind its non-volatile memory joint venture with Intel, IM Flash. Over the last decade Micron has acquired Intel's share of the business in multiple stages, culminating in acquiring the crown jewel of the former partnership, the Lehi, Utah 3D XPoint fab [], in 2018. Since then, Micron decided that it would dissolve its 3D XPoint partnership with Intel entirely [], culminating with the company abandoning the technology entirely [], leaving Micron with a modern fab that it didn't have an immediate need for.

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