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IBM’s Next-Gen Z Processor Detailed: Telum Chip Based on 7nm Process, 22.5 Billion Transistors, 8 Co

Accepted submission by owl at 2021-08-23 19:28:06
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IBM has detailed its next-generation Telum chip which is part of the Z processor lineup at HotChips 33. The Telum chip features a brand new core architecture design that's geared for AI acceleration.

According to IBM, the newly optimized Z core along with its brand new cache and multi-chip fabric hierarchy enables over 40% per socket performance growth. The Telum chip is comprised of a total of 8 cores that feature their dedicated L2 cache. The chip features SMT2 so which gives 16 threads on the chip while a maximum configuration of 32 core and 64 threads is possible with a 4-drawer system.

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