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Adobe Stock begins selling AI-generated artwork

Accepted submission by Freeman at 2022-12-07 16:27:17 from the artificial artificial intelligence dept.
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On Monday, Adobe announced that its stock photography service, Adobe Stock [], would begin allowing artists to submit AI-generated imagery for sale, Axios reports []. The move comes during Adobe's embrace [] of image synthesis and also during industry-wide efforts to deal with the rapidly growing field of AI artwork in the stock art business, including earlier announcements from Shutterstock [] and Getty Images [].

Submitting AI-generated imagery to Adobe Stock comes with a few restrictions. The artist must own (or have the rights to use) the image, AI-synthesized artwork must be submitted as an illustration (even if photorealistic), and it must be labeled with "Generative AI" in the title.

Further, each AI artwork must adhere to Adobe's new Generative AI Content Guidelines [], which require the artist to include a model release [] for any real person depicted realistically in the artwork. Artworks that incorporate illustrations of people or fictional brands, characters, or properties require a property release [] that attests the artist owns all necessary rights to license the content to Adobe Stock.
AI-generated artwork has proven ethically problematic [] among artists. Some criticized the ability of image synthesis models to reproduce artwork in the styles of living artists, especially since the AI models gained that ability from unauthorized scrapes [] of websites.

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