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Paper: Stable Diffusion “memorizes” some images, sparking privacy concerns

Accepted submission by Freeman at 2023-02-03 16:33:07 from the copyright dept.
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On Monday, a group of AI researchers from Google, DeepMind, UC Berkeley, Princeton, and ETH Zurich released a paper [] outlining an adversarial attack that can extract a small percentage of training images from latent diffusion AI image synthesis models like Stable Diffusion []. It challenges views that image synthesis models do not memorize their training data and that training data might remain private if not disclosed. []

Recently, AI image synthesis models have been the subject of intense ethical debate [] and even legal action []. Proponents and opponents of generative AI tools regularly argue [] over the privacy and copyright implications of these new technologies. Adding fuel to either side of the argument could dramatically affect potential legal regulation of the technology, and as a result, this latest paper, authored by Nicholas Carlini et al., has perked up ears in AI circles.

Getty Images Targets AI Firm For 'Copying' Photos []

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