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ChatGPT Is Coming to 900,000 Mercedes Vehicles

Accepted submission by fliptop at 2023-06-19 12:18:27 from the an-AI-assisted-money-pit dept.

Mercedes says it's going to test ChatGPT with its in-car voice assistant for the next three months []:

ChatGPT may be well on its way to remaking the internet, but you know where there isn't enough generative AI? On the roads. Microsoft and Mercedes have announced a partnership to test the integration of ChatGPT [] with Mercedes vehicles. The feature will launch in beta on more than 900,000 vehicles in the US.

Like most high-end carmakers, Mercedes has spent the last few years developing bespoke vehicle technology. For example, the company has its own Hey Mercedes voice assistant, where ChatGPT will connect. Instead of reaching out to the Mercedes AI model to understand spoken words, the beta software will use ChatGPT to interpret what's said.

Microsoft and Mercedes contend that using ChatGPT with Hey Mercedes will make the system more reliable and expand its capabilities. Most voice assistants, Hey Mercedes included, are limited in what they can do and understand. You might use a phrase that a person would interpret immediately that flummoxes the AI. ChatGPT is much better at understanding commands, and its grasp of context will allow drivers to have multi-part conversations with the AI.

[...] Mercedes won't have to make any changes or updates to cars to test ChatGPT. That's good because it's not fully committed. Starting today, Mercedes will test ChatGPT for three months. Drivers will be able to opt into the test from the Mercedes app or from the car itself. Just say, "Hey Mercedes, I want to join the beta program." Mercedes hasn't explained what it plans to do after the test, but the press release speaks vaguely about how beta findings could improve future implementations of voice models and AI in Mercedes vehicles.

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