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Accepted submission by quietus at 2023-08-13 15:52:30 from the just-asking dept.

"Everywhere I came I got the impression that I was surrounded by people who were emitting, but not receiving. Narcissism, I thought, is a corruption of focus, a version of attention which is only directed towards yourself and your own ego."

(Stolen Focus, Johann Hari, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, London, 2022.)

How many subs should we publish on this site?

If we'd put on just a single story for each topic (software, hardware, news, science, security, politics and so on), and keep it on the frontpage for a week, would that work for you? If we'd publish hundred stories each day, would you start or continue commenting?

In short, can you think of a magic cast, in terms of number and frequency of stories, to lure an optimum number of people into posting here? If so, which would be the factors in your mathematical formula?

(Audio interviews for the quoted book, here []).

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