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“Corolla killer:” BYD launches $US15,000 EV in direct attack on legacy makers

Accepted submission by NotSanguine at 2024-02-22 02:29:19 from the Can-it-core-a-apple? dept.

The Driven, an Australian car news site is reporting [] on a new EV offering from Chinese auto manufacturer BYD []

From the article:

At $US15,000, BYD’s new Qin EV is already being touted as a “Corolla killer” as the world’s second largest EV maker continues to disrupt the global auto market.

Launched earlier this week in China, the all-electric Qin Plus has five models priced between 109,800 RMB to ($A23,300) to 139,800 RMB ($A29,700).

The Qin Plus comes with a 100 kW motor and the option of either a 48 kWh battery providing 420 km CLTC range or a 57.6 kW hour battery with 510 km range.
Indeed, most legacy car makers, at least those that are bothering to make EVs at scale at all, are still focused on the top end of the market, selling premium and heavy and high cost EVs, largely to protect their ICE business. In the US, the major car makers are retreating rapidly on their EV plans.

BYD, which is challenging Tesla as the biggest EV maker in the world, says it’s “officially opening a new era where electricity is lower than oil.”

Additional reporting on the BYD Qin: [] [] []

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