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Boeing Missing Key Elements of Safety Culture: FAA Report

Accepted submission by DannyB at 2024-02-27 21:19:44 from the if-its-boeing-i'm-not-going dept.

Boeing Missing Key Elements of Safety Culture: FAA Report []

Employees lack awareness of the basics in reporting safety concerns.

The FAA blamed Boeing for a deficient safety culture in a 50-page report [] issued on Monday following a public outcry over several safety lapses before the January 5 incident in which a door plug “blew out” from an Alaska Airlines 737 Max 9 in mid-flight.

[....] an expert panel found what it called gaps in Boeing’s safety journey and that a majority of employees did not show “skillful awareness” of the concepts of just culture and reporting culture.

Some things from that FAA report [] linked above:

The Expert Panel observed a disconnect between Boeing’s senior management
and other members of the organization on safety culture. Interviewees, including
ODA Unit Members (UM), also questioned whether Boeing’s safety reporting
systems would function in a way that ensures open communication and
non-retaliation. The Expert Panel also observed inadequate and confusing
implementation of the five components of a positive safety culture [....]

[....] Boeing SMS procedures are not structured in a way that ensures all employees
understand their role in the company’s SMS. The procedures and training are
complex and in a constant state of change, creating employee confusion
especially among different work sites and employee groups. The Expert Panel
also found a lack of awareness of safety-related metrics at all levels of the
organization; employees had difficulty distinguishing the differences among
various measuring methods, their purpose, and outcomes.

Boeing’s restructuring of the management of the ODA unit decreased
opportunities for interference and retaliation against UMs, and provides effective
organizational messaging regarding independence of UMs. However, the
restructuring, while better, still allows opportunities for retaliation to occur,
particularly with regards to salary and furlough ranking. This influences the ability
of UMs to execute their delegated functions effectively.

It's good as long as they can keep showing profits, increasing stock prices and executive bonuses.

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