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A crushing backlash to Apple’s new iPad ad

Accepted submission by Freeman at 2024-05-09 13:42:53 from the dystopia is now! dept.
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An advert by Apple for its new iPad tablet showing musical instruments, artistic tools, and games being crushed by a giant hydraulic press has been attacked for cultural insensitivity in an online backlash.

The one-minute video was launched by Apple chief executive Tim Cook to support its new range of iPads, the first time that the US tech giant has overhauled the range for two years as it seeks to reverse faltering sales.
The campaign has been hit by a wave of outrage, with responses on social media reacting to Cook’s X post accusing Apple of crushing [Crush! | iPad Pro | Apple []] “beautiful creative tools” and the “symbols of human creativity and cultural achievements.”
“Apple’s new iPad spot is essentially them turning into the thing they said they were out to destroy in the 1984 ad,” said Slevin. 1984 Apple's Macintosh Commercial []
Nataly Kelly, chief marketing officer at Zappi, said: “Is the Apple iPad ad a work of genius or the sign of the dystopian times? It really depends on how old you are. The shock value is the power of this advert, which is controversial by design, so the fact that people are talking about it at all is a win.”

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