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Indie Developers Pitch How They'd Revive Duke Nukem

Accepted submission by Phoenix666 at 2015-07-16 12:26:12

Gearbox Software ruined one of the best running jokes [] in software when they brought Duke Nukem Forever [] to market. At a recent developer conference in Brighton, they talked about working with independent developers [] to revive the character.

One of the pitches:

Sam Barlow (Her Story)

Duke Nukem goes into a Vegas strip club at 4am, and it’s kind of empty, and there’s only two strippers working. He throws some money at them. Then, because there’s no one else around, they sit down and they talk to him, and Duke sits there and he listens to this stripper talk about her life, why she’s stripping, her family back home and how they live a state away but she flies into Vegas for two weeks of the month to earn money, then she goes go back and looks after her kids.

Then after an hour of this conversation, of him just listening to the woman talk, she asks Duke about his life, and then it flips. It’s the first time anyone’s actually asked about him, and he’s forced to look inside himself and understand why he does these things, why he feels the need to kick ass, and it’s just a lovely moment that they share. He walks away from it feeling like he understands himself a little bit better, but the ending is kind of ambiguous. We see Duke leave the strip club and we don’t know what happens next.

What's your pitch, Soylent?

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